Saturday, July 18, 2009

"Failure is not an Option"

Dear Reader

Yesterday, July 17th we celebrated our ten years of marriage. As my beautiful wife Lecia sleeps so very soundly next to me, I realize how much of a presence she is to me, my rock. In these turbulent times, marriages are put to the test, some because of their weak fibers snap at the slightest tug and fail. Other marriages are made of strong steel cable and can resist the heaviest of uncertainty that can prey upon a marriage in these uncertain times.

I work in the entertainment industry, I work with some of the most beautiful women in the modeling industry and the acting world, to be honest it is not easy to resist the "candy", but I do everyday, because I have a wonderful Wife waiting for me every night. There is always temptation that wants to sway us and make us wonder what is on the other side of the grass, we are as the say "human". What then is the defining words of being "human", doing what we please or doing what is morally right?

If one creates a strong foundation, a hurricane can resist whatever winds besiege its very structure. When times are good, in a slight breeze any marriage can stay sound, however once a couple is met with adversity, a bad economy, loss of income, sickness, the very fiber of that structure can destroy itself from within.

On a personal side, this has been a very challenging year for "us", my business is down, like so many other businesses in this down economy, credit is tight and one has to make the decisions what are the most important bills to be paid every month. In my office I have a slogan sitting on my desk that reads "Failure is not an Option", many times I pondered those words, not only for my business, but for my marriage. "Failure is not an option", what do those words really mean? At the time when I wrote that phrase back in 2006; I was studying for my commercial driver license and about to purchase a new motor home for my business. This was a motivating slogan to give me an incentive to keep on studying, to keep looking for the right RV. Today that phrase is a cornerstone that perpetuates me to not give up when it is so easy to just walk away from everything. Quitters give up, that is their nature, but individuals with a strong moral core do not give up when hit with adversity, adversity makes them stronger.

I am networking more than any other time in my life and I am always seeking new markets for my services. This is what it takes to survive in this economy, and in my mind, if the business ultimately fails, something that I realize I have no control of; God will steer me in a new and better direction, but I will do so, with my co-pilot sitting next to me, my Wife.

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