Thursday, August 27, 2009

Don't Give Up

Dear Reader

One could say today the economy is a challenge for most people; credit is almost impossible to obtain, lines of credit are disappearing. Life as we know it, is dramatically different than it was a year ago; maybe in a strange way, this is good. I relied on my credit cards to pay for the unexpected and the things I could not afford, I admit, I overspent when I had money, I wanted it all. Now, I am afraid to answer my phone, my phone used to be my friend, now my phone is my enemy, the sound of its ringing haunts me, like a leopard stalking its prey.

I did what the economist told "us" to do, borrow and spend, it is good for the economy, the economy is now in the tank. I spend my resources more wisely, if I can not afford something, I do not buy it, my large purchases are carefully planned, less is better. I am not out of the woods, I might have to make some serious decisions about my finances in the near future, I realize I am not alone. It is a struggle to pay my bills, the entertainment industry, my industry, like other industries are struggling in one of the worst recessions in fifty years. Instead of being pessimistic, I am optimistic about the future, I see opportunities, instead of obstacles. Instead of roadblocks I see detours to destinations unknown.

It is easy to give up, to walk away, but it takes tenacity and guts to travel forward on the boulevard of broken dreams, littered with the souls who lost hope. Those who walk with faith are able to float above the pessimism, the pain, they try to find the answers that confuse those who have no faith.

Opportunity is a strange commodity, you cannot touch it, you cannot feel it, it shows itself at unexpected moments in our life, one must have faith to take advantage of opportunity, because opportunity is not guaranteed to happen everyday.

Do not give up, even in these uncertain times, there is a road with a fork in it, which way should you transverse, right or left, you decide, just keep moving and don't lose the faith.

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