Friday, July 10, 2009

My first Love; My Daughter

Dear Reader

I remember the first time I saw my daughter, she had this angelic look on her face, she looked at me and laughed and I laughed back. Taunji or TJ as her friends would latter call her; made me the happiest man on earth. I feel in love with TJ at first sight, she gave me purpose in life, a reason to celebrate the innocence of the simplest aspects that she discovered as she ventured into the world.

I don’t think I was ready to be a father, I had just graduated from college and then several months latter I would meet TJ’s Mom who would latter become my first wife. Taunji was a pleasant surprise, I did not expect her, and the impact that she made on us was unparallel, like watching a caterpillar turn into a butterfly. TJ has this impeccable smile, infectious to the point that she made me feel euphoric. I taught her things that were boring to most adults, like looking for metamorphic rocks at Vasquez Rocks. TJ could hardly pronounce metamorphic at age 20 months, but I wanted her to appreciate geology, and have a basic understanding of how geology shaped the earth. Latter Taunji would tell me, that when she took geology in college she was able to score an easy A. I wanted TJ to appreciate the arts so I took her to museums, both the adult types and the children museums.

When my relationship ended with my first wife, I still wanted to be a major influence in TJ’s life; I wanted to be there for her, I wanted to support her financially and morally, I wanted to see TJ everyday. Unfortunately, her Mom decided to move to Alabama and for a long time all I had were faded pictures of the past. When Taunji moved back to California we got together every Sunday, we would go to church, have lunch and then go to the beach, a museum, the movies or anywhere my little girl wanted to go to; during the week she would call me for help with her homework. To this day, the sound of her voice makes me elated, transcending the perpetual motion of love.

What is love, love is knowing that someone loves you unconditional, for whom you are and whom you can be, moving beyond the cognizance of reason. Brobdingnagian by an intellectual action that cannot be defined by a simple word or phrase; this is what explains how my daughter has touched my life. She is love and love is Taunji.

Thank you God for this wonderful gift.

For the Fathers out there, do not evade your obligations to your children, the price you pay transcends beyond your legal responsibility, as such, your character bad or good will influence your kids, love them and praise them, but do not walk away from them they will always need you and you will need them.

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