Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009; A year to Reflect

Dear Reader

One of my favorite movies is "Its a Wonderful Life" with Jimmy Stewart. I assume my readers are familiar with the film, the tale of a man who thinks the world would be better off without him, not realizing how much good he has done for others. As we enter 2010, I like to reflect on 2009; did I make a positive mark on someones life, did I make the world, even on a limited level a better place? Is the world better off without me?

I like to think in some small way, I made a worthwhile mark on the world. I like to think my presence made a difference in someones life. I also like to think there were angels in my life that helped me, that were there when I needed them. I believe in karma, one does good for others, good will come to them, do bad and bad things will happen.

This was a challenging year, just like George Bailey, when his world was falling apart, he doubted himself, he tried to commit suicide, but an angel saved him. An angel proved to George Bailey that he did make a difference in his world, and his presence aided others, in a sense we are all capable of being angels.

So as 2009 transcends into 2010, lets reflect on the good that we have done, and the desire we have to be better individuals. Lets not put ourselves down for our flaws, our sins, our pains, but lets focus on the positive. Two-thousand and ten is going to be a great year, lets place an emphasis on the positive.

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